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I love elephants, lilies, sleeping in late, thunderstorms, bear hugs, the beach, wawa coffee, drinking wine with dinner, black and white photos, being barefoot, and my boyfriend. I'm a hopeless romantic; and once you've found a space in my heart, you'll be there forever. No matter what.

Scott Peterson received a guilty verdict without any physical/factual/concrete evidence. He had a boat and Lacey and the baby were found in water. Circumstancial? Possibly. Yeah he had a girl on the side, but from what I remember there was no evidence of motivation or premeditation…Now, Caylee’s skeleton is discovered in a bag with levels of chloroform too high to be found in nature and a heart shape sticker over her lips. But this girl looks up chloroform on the computer (80+ times), deletes the searches, lies to police, lies to her family, doesn’t tell anyone her kid is missing for a month, parties it up for the month that her kid is missing, has the exact same heart stickers in her room, and still is found not guilty..My heart breaks for this litle girl. Some one please tell me how this is possible. Is my memory wrong?

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  6. valleyofthelolz answered: It’s a travesty of the legal system. They didn’t have enough evidence to convict Peterson.
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